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I take as a starting point the ceramic piece Jardinière of Luca Madrassi, its symbolism and meaning, and make them evolve.

There is an entrance to the picture through the eyes and the complicity of the boy on the right, marking the path of the viewer by the scene. This already exists in the original ceramic but traslating it to the canvas format and taking that view it becomes more apparent. In my interpretation butterflies symbolize platonic love, and children represent a unique presence, giving an intimate and narcissistic love and inner strength nuance, the link with oneself through his equal. I try to isolate them by a white square that symbolizes purity, innocence, and another area where breathes the canvas, leaving all that padded energy contained by forces that counteract their inertia to pour in comfort likeness that exists in a womb and on instinct. My work seeks to establish a dialogue with that instinct we all have, the elemental passion and inner strength.

Jardinière. Acrilic on canvas, 38 x 34 inches. 2009-2010