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Bulls is a figure and landscape picture, is a traveler painting in geography and time, which leads to different cultures. The qualities of landscape are ordered through a alternative logical: bulls pull the box to the right like a car, while the intention of landscape evolves through L drawing the carpet, causing tension and holding the advance of horses, which continue launching its strength to the right. The relationship established between two references as diverse as bulls and carpet works by contrast; bring them into dialogue and moving towards a new meaning is the reason. The bulls are really a duplicate bull; duplicates are a recurring theme in my work because it allows me to issue synthetic judgments about a phenomenon.

I’m interested in the changes that work time arises in the sculpture. The deterioration speaks of journeys, luck and “life” sculpture that has led up to this day. The broken shape is therefore an integral part as well as a transforming factor of the sculpture’s meaning, enabling a form of sophisticated beauty composed in a way that keeps the sculpture of his first aesthetic interests to another stage of meaning and expression . 

Bulls. Acrilic on canvas, 39 x 34 inches. 2014