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Torso 2

If there is something objective which inhabits the unconscious, that is, their ability to produce symbols. I have a recurring dream; Sometimes I dream that I’m on a dirt road, and left of the road there is a field full of sculptures out of the ground, half-buried some; some are very large, and I go from one to another.

Perhaps traces of historicity, in my work so specifically targeting to the western classical sculpture, may have its origin in a dark power of attraction. I think selectively in this ancient past that I take as a starting point; I’ll probably looking for a mystery to discover, a rich past that serves to dialogue with the future, to build something new from the ashes of an secret arcane. According to Gadamer, the work of art is not a mere carrier of meaning, the meaning of the work is that it is there. My paintings-sculptures refer to something that is not understandable in the reading as such, something that can be had or experienced immediately.

Torso 2. Acrilic on canvas, 54 x 42 inches. 2013