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“An affirmation is metaphysical when says something substantial or relevant about an issue, when emits a synthetic judgment.” Kant

I chose to duplicate the deer. Deer represent an unique presence to be duplicated. Understanding the essence as the set of properties that define a natural class, and placing us on a metaphysical plane, duplicate allows me to determine the common properties to all possible individuals deer. Through the set of properties of both deers we arrive at the logical class, ie the essence of deer.

I am interested in the rich symbolism of the deer as an animal surrounded by magic and mystery. Hart has been a symbol of life for the annual renewal of its antlers; issues such as renewal and fertility with his counterpart in the beginning, the dawn and the creation. This issue is reflected in the light modeling the body of the deer, a light of a sunrise. The deer is a solar, announcer animal, coming to represent the sun itself, the way toward the light. I avoided associating aspects related with cowardice, because the deer is a scary animal that flees in the face of any startle situation; but this deer has a dignified pose, looking straight ahead and shows no signs of jogging, evoking in place a basic instinct of serenity and harmony. I’m very interested in legends in which the deer is a wizard, a magical being, that if it is pursued leads to an unreal world, a magical world or death itself, representing the passage from the profane to the sacred, the real to the magic, the life to the death.

The setting of the deer is separated by a linen space and a line reinforcing the prívate and introspective character. The landscape refers to the domestic nature, characteristic of a garden landscape with roses and other plants. So I wanted to raise a note of confusion, contrast between the free nature of the animal and a restrained instinct, submitted to certain contexts.

Deer. Acrilic on canvas, 80 x 62 inches. 2009