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The urgency of mobilizing different aspects of universal culture and penetrating the universality of symbols, leads us to the next stop: Pueritia.

In this work I take as focus of interest two sculptures by two French artists: “Girl with a shell” by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, and “The challenge” by Paul Philippe. The first is a precursor of modernism, a key element in the transition from romanticism to realism, while the second is a later sculptor, located between Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

I´m interested in Carpeaux´s sculpture: its intensity, vitality, joyful intimacy, the humanization of sculpture and contained dynamism. On the other hand, I´m interested in The challenge´s theme and what has in common of the mentioned with the sculpture of Carpeaux.

The dialogue in these two figures occurs in terms of brotherhood, confidence and coquetry, putting in value their most elementary common properties or places, and these issues are exposed in a very physical way, through girls’ bodies, guessing the timeline which goes from childhood to adolescence, between the curiosity to grow and the need to remain in childhood, between innocence and the complicity of the unconfessed.

Pueritia. Acrilic on canvas, 45 x 18 inches. 2017